Trying to figure out what to use and what not to use, what to do and what not to do, and sorting through the latest trends and technology can be confusing. You know you need to take better care of your skin, but you’re not sure what to do. You’ve looked at this and other websites and wondered what each service is like and what it can do. You’ve stood at the cosmetics counter and wondered what you could purchase to improve your skin. Your friends and family have given you free advice, but you really need an expert’s perspective. We can help! Our FAQ page is a start, but a face-to-face conversation will work the best. Call and set up a time to meet. There’s never a charge for a consultation, and our prices for services are competitive and often beat the competition by a mile! Skin care should be effective and affordable. That’s what we’re all about.

Frequently Asked Questions

A gentle, manual exfoliation technique using a sterile blade, requiring no down time. The blade gently removes both the vellous hair (peach fuzz) and top layer of dead skin cells. Dermaplaning does not make skin oily, nor cause hair to grow back thicker or darker. The skin immediately has a healthy glow and feels smooth and soft. Makeup will glide on effortlessly for a flawless finish. Dermaplaning is recommended every four weeks

Collagen Induction Therapy is the technical name for microneedling (SkinPen®) and microchanneling (ProCell®). These minimally-invasive procedures are safe and effective and improve the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles, and scars by stimulating existing collagen and elastin. Contact us to see if you’re a good candidate.

DiamondTome® microdermabrasion is the original crystal free device. With natural diamond chips embedded in the tip, this wand glides over your skin to clear away dirt, debris, and dead skin cells, revealing smoother and clearer skin. There is no downtime and works on nearly every part of the body.

A chemical peel is an acid solution that is applied to the skin. It breaks up the outermost layer of skin cells, which then flakes off over the following days to reveal fresher, glowing skin below. Peels are very effective in treating a large range of skin concerns such as aging, sun damage, acne, mild scarring, improving skin brightness, and evening out skin tone. Our peels are light or moderate. Light peels require no down time from work and your normal activities. Moderate peels may produce a day or two of mild exfoliation. Chemical Peels often work best in a series of treatments, two to four weeks apart.

The best thing to do is come in for a complimentary consultation where we can see your skin and assess your needs. Googling and guessing are never good options when figuring out how to treat your acne, minimize your lines and wrinkles, treat hyperpigmentation, or a host of other skin concerns. Our mission is to provide good education, safe and effective treatments, and affordable clinical skincare products that really work!

Acne is often a self-esteem killer and troubling condition. Its stubborn nature requires expert education, regular home care, and professional treatments. Because there are a number of causes for acne, sitting down with us is the first course of action to clear up your skin.

Anyone who tells you that waxing is pain-free is lying! However, pain can definitely be minimized by an expert’s technique and quality products. We love Nova Wax for its soothing qualities, low heat, quick removal, and effectiveness. You can be smooth as silk! Hair grows in three stages, so waxing every four weeks is your best option. No more tweezing! And has your laser tech been honest in telling you that laser hair removal is not permanent?

The professional lash and brow tint (not hair color) is safe, effective, and lasts three to four weeks. A perfect time to tint (and wax) is at your monthly skincare appointment. Because eyes are a sensitive part of our bodies, and allergic reactions take 24-48 hours to appear, we require a patch test behind your ear if you’re new to lash tinting. Your safety is always our number one concern.

Other questions that we haven't addressed?

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